Multi Function Gun – Thumb Control

Ultra-Light Thumb Control on our Multi-Function Gun provides the perfect range of pressure for watering.

The Holman Multi-Function Gun features our new Ultra Light Thumb Control which means you control on/off and adjust the spray volume on each function with just a push of the lever. It has an ergonomic designed ultra-light lever that is easy to adjust by simply pushing up or down also a large easy grip handle. The printing is large making it is easy to read. This is ideal for the elderly and young as it is easy and light to move and control. This is a sturdy easy to use functional gun that will make watering a pleasure.

  • Patented Bubble function
  • Flow control
  • Hard wearing rubber
  • Ultra light thumb control
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Jet, Bubble, Flat, Shower and Mist Spray Functions
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