Modular Vege Tray 550

A modular vegetable planting system that caters for both conventional soil-based and wick hydropponic planting when used with specially designed components.

Six cells within the tray acts as the reservior for self-leveling water-levelling water storage to feed the vegetable roots. In addition an inlet and outlet design at the sides of the tray, just above the reservoirs, allows excess water to flow onto adjacent trays when connected or act as an overflow feature.

The trays can stack up to a maximum 4 tiers with the use of support poles for vertical planting.

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  • 2-tiers : 2 Tays, 2 Inner Trays, 4 Support Poles
  • 4-tiers : 4 Tays, 4 Inner Trays, 12 Support Poles